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Vacuum Sealer: Fresh World TVS-Series

10 FREE Vacuum Bags
*230V / 50Hz,  110W
*White plastic casing
*Certificate: CE Approved with UK plug 
*Rohs & WEEE compliant, meets European Standards totally
*Commercial Quality, eliminates air pockets to prevent freezer burn
*Full size vacuum food sealer for (30CM) wide bags and rolls, All plastic version
*Exclusive gear motor and powerful piston pump
*Wide sealing (2.5 mm_
*Vacuum pressure up to -0.75Bar (-75 Kpa) Max.
*Fully-automated operation
* Product Size: 357 x 148 x 86.6mm height
Why do I need a Food Vacuum Sealer?
Sous Vide cooking is the fastest growth area in modernist cooking as chefs and home cooks begin to realise the enormous benefits and superior taste and texture of food cooked in a Sous Vide Oven. Amaze your friends and family next time you hold a dinner party!
1. Also a Vacuum Sealer retains freshness for a much longer time with the help of a CERAON Fresh World food vacuum sealer, you can keep the food fresh for a longer time in your freezer without getting any freezer burn. It is do-able to protect everything such as pantry goods, Mozzarella cheese and Meat for a longer period of time devoid of any injury. By keeping your food fresh for a longer period without any damage, you can easily slash your grocery payments to a considerable extent. Details such as frozen meat, cereals, and cookies will stay fresh for months.
2. Reduce wastage. You will not have to throw away leftovers and excess items as you can easily seal them in vacuum bags and store them until finally you need them again.
3. A CERAON Fresh World food vacuum sealer can help in minimizing calories and you can eat healthy food. It takes just minutes to heat up vacuum sealed food that is prepared using our Vacuum Sealer than it does to order a take-away.
Aside from sealing off your food so that it stays fresh for months, you can also use our food vacuum sealer for sealing other valuable items such jewellery, precious goods and other valuable stuff. With so many benefits, vacuum food sealers can be your best companion and you ought to definitely contemplate acquiring one for your house.
Vacuum/Seal: Draws the air out of the vacuum seal bag and then the machine automatically switches to seal the bag after vacuum is completed.
Seal Only: For sealing the bag without vacuum so that the vacuum can be formed.
Cancel: For switching off the vacuuming and sealing action whenever the operator wants to stop the operation.
Cover Lock: For unlocking and locking the cover. On the left side and right side of the cover one key-press.
Indicator Lamp: Indicates the status of vacuum or seal process. Sealing strip: Contains a heating wire covered with Teflon which allows the bag to seal but not stick to the strip.
Sealing Gasket: Presses the bag onto the sealing strip.
Vacuum Surface: Draws air out of bag and catches any liquid overflow.
Airproof Loop of Sponge: Airproof the vacuum area and prevent no vacuum leaking.



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CERAON Vacuum Sealer (White) Preservation System


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