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Sous Vide Complete Promo Pack

Sous Vide Water Bath - 6L
Vacuum Sealer Machine (Black or White)
2 x Sous Vide Cook Books
100 Embossed Vacuum Sealer Bags
Easy to follow Instruction Booklet

Sous Vide Complete Promotion Pack Everything needed to begin Sous Vide with clear, simple and concise instructions. The Vacuum Sealer Machine is available in Black or White please indicate your preference.

Sous vide is a French phrase that is often translated as “under vacuum.” Chefs around the world use the sous vide technique to prepare food to the perfect doneness while retaining the foods’ nutrients and juices. Now, this simple technique is available for home use with the CERAON SVQ-6L.

Sous Vide simply put is an immersion circulation technique that works by keeping water at a constant temperature in a 6 Litre container.

To cook Sous Vide, you first seal your food with CERAON vacuum sealer (Included in your kit) using CERAON Embossed Vacuum Seal Bags. Then, the bag is submerged into the heated water bath for a period of time. These times vary but a variety of recipes with temperatures and times are given in the concise books that accompany your kit. Some people like to finish their food by searing it.

Sous vide allows home chefs to consistently prepare food to the perfect level of doneness. Home chefs simply set the temperature of the water bath, submerge the food, and then walk away. Since the temperature of the bath will never get above the desired temperature, the food will never exceed the desired doneness. It can literally be a “set it and forget it” meal. - ENJOY!

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